Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MASS EMAIL invite for another blogging community sent to all my contacts in error!

How embarrassing! GMAIL along with Multiply sent out an invite to a blog I was going to start to ALL my email contacts by mistakes. This means in my email address book.

I had NO WAY to control that mistake and to fix it.....a new email was sent to the masses but it showed all the email addresses to everyone. I had no way to control that either.

It did cause me to take a good look at all the addresses as more than half I did not even know who they were and know I do not use them so I went through my address book and deleted them.

MOST have been very understanding and just deleted the mess when they got it and understood what happened. I had ONE woman however who thinks I DID THIS ON PURPOSE and SHOWED all the email addressed ON PURPOSE as a form of harassment. LIKE I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY TIME than harass her and other people!

SO since she threatened to send CRAP or spam now to all my contacts (whom I know would be smart enough to just ignore it and delete it BUT)......I am PUBLICLY putting this explanation the entire WORLD will know what REALLY happened here.......and can get on with their lives! I am truly sorry this will never happen again (I HOPE)......and if there were some way to take it all back and fix it as if it never happened I would.

SEEMS to be a common trait replaying in my life right now.


Melissa said...

Oh well Melinda, some people need to get a real life and start living. I saw the emails and I saw them at my work email, but you explained what happened. I didn't even notice that it had other people's email addresses listed. I just deleted them.

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

I agree! MOST did and would do what you did. This is a very paranoid person always thinking someone is interested enough to be paying attention solely to her personal information.