Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

I am thankful for so very much in my life. I thank God for my family, friends, and loved ones. For my health and job and home. For my son, who is such a joy in my life. And for the love of my life who cares not only about my life here on this earth but also my eternity. Never before has anyone - - other than myself and God - - ever given that even a tiny thought. God has blessed me....even when I do not deserve it, with the very best!

I am thankful I live in a country of freedom. Today we remember those who died so we might live in freedom and I will ask God to bless those families with love and compassion....and to show mercy on us all.

And some may say this is sappy....some may think I have lost my mind....or am a Jesus freak...or am brainwashed or any number of bizarre things....I don't care. You are FREE to think and believe as you wish....and even if we disagree.....I am thankful you and I both live in a country where we are free to choose what we think and believe in...and free to express it.

Have a safe, blessed Memorial Day.


Melissa said...

Happy Memorial Day to you too. I was just thinking that it seems like no one even celebrates Memorial Day anymore by taking flowers around to graves. It seems to be the start of the summer season for pools opening up, those kinds of things.

Anyway, I'm thankful for many things to and for all the service men and women who have served to allow for my freedom and my daughter's freedom.

Yeah....I guess I can be sappy too!
Love you!

Melinda, mom of Noah said...

love you too Melissa!