Sunday, May 27, 2007

User.....(dedicated to someone from my past who just doesn't get it!)

You have no further use for me
You spout to all who'll listen
Spinning webs of lies and deceit
You only cause division

I dismissed you long ago
You just refused to hear
Now save it before you go and blow
And wipe that big fake tear

Clouds of darkness cover and choke
No matter where you turn
They follow you as if your cloak
Into your pores they burn

Surrounded by negativity
You wear it like your charm
Dressed to attend some festivity
With Miss depression on your arm

Your silly 1-2 word phrases
Tell the truth on you
Ain't no one going to sing you praises
So you'll only feel more blue

That seems to be your color choice
Throughout eternity
We all can hear it in your voice
Like hazing for some fraternity

How dare you blurt no need for me
No further use you say
This admits to all you see
What a user you are to this day

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano

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