Sunday, February 01, 2004

WOW. Finally got ALL our Christmas boxes and items PUT AWAY in the closets! WHOOOO HOOOOO!! I was beginning to think we were not going to accomplish it! Noah did great. He helped as much as he could. His injection site for his booster shot is starting to look better too. He was wound like a top last night before bed though. AND once in bed...every time he heard a plane he covered up his head. I asked him what was wrong. He said he was afraid of planes...which I have known for some time now. He runs every time he hears one inside the house. Outside if he hears and sees a plane he is fine. But inside...he runs into other rooms or covers his head. Not sure why. I guess he is afraid it is going to come through the house heaven forbid? SO I told him to hold my hand. Once he did that he was like out in 2 seconds!

I got my letter of notification from the publishing company in England. That poem I came up with in memory of grandpa they decided to publish! I figured since I had not heard back from them for so long that perhaps they decided they did not like it or it was not what they had wanted......and were not going to publish it. But they are and want me to proof it and return the copy to them. WHOOO HOOOO!!! I will have to count but I think that makes 6-7 poems of mine that have been published now...and about 3 have even been recorded onto a CD version that has like 33 poems on it.....someone reads the poem with music in the background..etc. So.....this all makes me feel pretty good!

Got some snow yesterday. They were calling for 3-7 inches...but looks like we only got the 3 inches if that. Colder now. It is 22 degrees this morning...BRRRR. I cleaned the fireplace out yesterday so we can have a fire in the fireplace if we want to.

I made rib eye steaks, garlic/chive/cheese mashed potatoes and homemade coleslaw for dinner. It was all good. We also had some cheese bread to go along with that and chocolate pudding for dessert. Today I think it will be italian sausage and spaghetti.

Well...tons of work to do. I actually feel pretty good and awake so I am going to get a lot of typing done this morning.


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