Wednesday, February 04, 2004

IF we continue to get snow...Keith will probably want to drive my VUE to work. I should not mind...but I have become a bit possessive about it as he has the Saturn L-200! He has pretty much taken over the car and me the truck! He drives the car all the time and me the truck! He has told me many times he does not trust himself driving the he says he cannot judge where he is on the road as well for some weird reason....and he ALWAYS seems to forget to lock it....which really concerns me. makes me very hesitant to have him drive it when I am also not in the truck with him. However...that was one thought as to WHY we got the truck. SO in bad weather we would have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.....and it would be safer to drive..etc. I just have to hope and pray he gets to and from where he needs to go and remembers to lock it and does not wreck it. That would be about what would happen. HIS car would end up being fine but he would wreck MY truck. THAT would totally tick me off....even though subconsciously I might know it is an accident...I also think if he is that unsure of himself about driving it...then he should just drive his car and let the truck sit!! Driving with me in the truck is one thing....but by himself? We will see I guess. The car handles very well in the snow maybe he will just take that. (keeping fingers crossed but it probably won't happen). AND I don't know about you...but if a car has been wrecked...I never feel like it is right after that even after it is repaired. I told him just because it is a 4 wheel drive truck does not mean you can act like you can go anywhere and as fast as you want...etc. You still have to use caution....and drive like you have some sense. AND watch out for everyone around you is probably worse than worrying about yourself!! The truck does very well in the snow....but it can still slide around some on icy roads......extreme snow-packed roads.

Man..I am obssessive compulsive about things. I could go on and on writing about this truck and why KEITH should not drive it..etc..what IS my problem anyway? hahah. ANAL!!!!!!!!!

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