Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I had posted the results to my BIG 30 PERSONALITY test but it is not coming through for some reason. That is okay if it doesn't....not all that interesting anyway! We are supposed to be in a winter storm warning throughout did snow some last night....but only a tiny bit....they say it will slowly increase in intensity today....and continue...and more tonight.....but I have to wonder. I mean 2 inches last night? I don't think we got that. And 2 inches today and 2 more tonight? If it comes that slow we should be fine as far as the roads and traveling goes probably. SO we will have to wait and see what happens I guess. The way it is now I have serious doubts about much happening. BUT....the last blizzard we had started out that way too. Course we got more than 6 inches of snow! That time was March 2003 and we ended up with almost 3 FEET of snow here. So anyway...

Nothing else new. I have to get some work done. I am sure this is boring.


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