Saturday, February 07, 2004

OKay...I have been trying all morning to upload pictures to my site.....cannot seem to do it yet. Will work on it later.

I DID install a NEW CD-ROM on my computer yesterday ..well..replaced the one that was not now I have my CD-ROM and my CD-RW drives working FINE again! WHOO HOO for that!! It really was not that bad to do and fairly easy.

The furnace guy came and replaced our electric ignitor on the furnace. I came home from work and thought it felt awfully cold in the house. Well..I checked the furnace out and since we don't have a pilot light on ours (most new ones don't now) but it did have this electric ignitor ....I figured by the way it was acting that the ignitor had gone out. So...they charge an automatic 59.95 to just come out and LOOK at the furnace and tell me what I already knew was wrong with it. THEN...they charged me 43.00 more to replace that part (LABOR only as the part was still under warranty). It took all of MAYBE 10 MINUTES for the man to replace the part. I watched..saw the part..and Keith and I figure we could do it ourselves next time round. I mean it only gets plugged into a plug...and then stuck back in its holder. HOW HARD IS THAT? hahaha. SO I asked the man about electronic ignitors. I had wondered how OFTEN they go out or things happen to them. He was honest...said 2-5 years they can last. The thing is to keep them clean and free from dust. Once a piece of dirt gets on it it will slowly burn it out and burn clear through till the part breaks apart..which is what ours did. He said the part normally would cost like 150.00. I wonder about that. I have yet to check online to get prices...but he could be right. I was THANKFUL it went out on a FRIDAY and not like after hours on the weekends when I am sure they would charge MORE. I am THANKFUL I just got paid and had money to pay the man! I am THANKFUL the parts were still covered under warranty and that it was nothing more serious than it was. I am THANKFUL it only took him like 10 MINUTES to fix it!!! I am THANKFUL to once again have some heat since it is like in the TEENS temperature wise!!

SO he came and went. We ordered pizza for lunch. We did that. I fixed the computer....and all was well in the world. I decided to hook up the new turntable I got Keith for Christmas...and go figure..something as simple as that...for some reason I cannot get working!! I mean I have it all hooked up right but no sound hardly coming out of the speakers. SO...go figure. WHO knows. Keith will have to check it today. Maybe I don't have the needle on the arm correctly. It came off when I took the protective cover off...and now seems to not be on there very good. Can come off too easily and it should not do that. So maybe that is what is wrong. Anyway...HOPEFULLY we can get that up and running.

I swept all the dust off the computers today. I will have to do that on a more regular were they dusty in the back!! I would like to replace the CD-ROM drive in my other computer...but am not sure about that is a little different than the one I worked on ...and may be harder to replace. NEXT is hard drives!! hahah. Yeah. Well..I will probably just get a PORTABLE hard drive and then I can back up my entire computer and still have plenty of space for MORE stuff. Those are soooo cool. Not much bigger than the palm of your hand and you can take them ANYWHERE.

Well..I have a migraine. Am to pass a kidney stone too by the way it feels. I am supposed to go for a pregnancy test and CBC today since I have had some problems this week with my perimenopausal period!! IF I had been pregnant I would have had a miscarriage the other morning after what came out of me! MAN!!! BUT I really don't think I was or am or anything like that.

TONS of work to do. I put in a request for a replacement W2 form from work. I also get to do some overtime for a couple of weeks to get caught up. So that is good and will be extra money. I am also trying to put some money back for our vacation and planned trip to OHIO in April. We will see. My grandma did ask us to stay with her while there. That will be so much fun!!!

Well..I better get some work done. Here I sit. Been up now for almost 2 hours and have done little ACTUAL work. Been messing here too long.


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