Friday, January 30, 2004

So....our field trip today was FANTASTIC! NOAH was super....he listened ALL day and was soooo good. The symphony was excellent!! We had a great time! Noah has a local reaction to one of his vaccines from yesterday. I need to watch that. I have been giving him some Benadryl and Tylenol. He has a HUGE red welt on the injection site.

So...was watching Oprah today. A doctor (Dr. Oz a surgeon?) was on there. He was showing different cadaver body parts and how they look healthy and diseased. It was very interesting! He also gave some tidbits of information that was quite interesting! For a human being to be healthy...the average times per week you should have sex is FOUR! IF you have 200 orgasms per year you can take up to SIX YEARS off your physiological age! WOW. SO much new and exciting information. I guess he has a show on the Discovery Channel called "Second Opinion" on Monday nights...early in the evening. I think 5:00 p.m. EASTERN probably earlier for me here at mountain time. I will have to check and see as I would LOVE to watch the show now. he is a very good teacher and a VISUAL one!!

So.....Keith did some shopping this morning. He did great. I started another blog about him....Keith's excuses. Funny..since I have done that now he is not coming up with so many different if any excuses. I don't have any material to write about! WHAH!!!!

Okay..Noah is waiting patiently to play on the computer. I will be back on later.

OUT for now!!

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