Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Well...I dropped a book on my foot sharp edge down and man did that hurt. I could have cried. My little precious Noah knew it hurt...and he crawled over on his hands and knees and started to kiss the top of my foot. SUCH a sweetie pie. I don't think ANYONE else would have done that. Little kids have such unconditional love...and he is soooo full of it! He is my little angel boy and I love him so much!!

Can't find what I did with my W2 form if I actually got it. Keith said I did. NOW...as organized as I am and all...you would think I would have remembered that and opened it and FILED it with my other tax information since this is WHEN I file my taxes? Weird. I emailed work asking if I could get another copy...hopefully I can. I bet the form is in the mailbox..and Keith was mistaken. OR I am totally losing my mind and DID open it and then tossed it in the trash by accident or something? SO UNLIKE ME...but you never know.

Peeing out blood AGAIN today. I guess that explains the back pain and then the sharp twinges of pain all day Sunday...and then this really sharp pain coming around the front and in the front. I bet another stone is on its way out. I also lifted some heavy things on Saturday so that could have set me off too. The last time though I DID pass a stone..so that is probably what it is this time too.

Noah had a great day at school on Monday again..WHOO HOO for that! I keep praying that goes well for him. Got a book at the library called "Laughing Allegra" about Anne Ford's daughter who had a learning disability and their lives growing up...etc. Is very good so far.

American Idol was good last night...as was Everwood. I am really starting to get tired of 7th Heaven...NOT sure why but I am. I kind of doubt I will keep watching it much longer. I DO enjoy Everwood and Judging Amy still....especially Everwood!

Watched GROUNDHOG DAY on Groundhog Day of course. I could watch that movie over and over again. So could Keith he said.

Well..need to get back to work.


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