Friday, February 06, 2004

Man. That poor girl was found murdered. No details yet. That mechanic was charged with her murder...(the 11 year old Carlie). SO SAD.....I was so hoping and praying she would still be alive. I guess that just goes to prove this. I had a mother-in-law tell me once that she had always told her kids growing up...that if they ever were trying to get taken by someone or take their chances then and there and to try to run for it. I mean....that is true. They say NEVER let the person take you to a second your odds of survival diminish anyway. So fight your hardest while you have a chance and take your stand right there and then seems to be true. The people in the world are really getting screwy! Talk about depressing and sad and worrisome. Makes you want to crawl into a hole somewhere with your loved ones and stay there forever. Makes you wonder how anyone survives being born let alone stand a chance in the world today.

We had another patient die at the hospital. That is sad too. 16 years old! I cannot imagine what her family is going through right now she had CF and her remaining sisters (1 of them also still has it).

Then to top it all off...the neighbor lady downstairs has this less than desirable MAN hanging around. He smokes like crazy and must have brought a stereo or something they have been playing it at night a bit....not that loud but too loud for here....or at least their bass is too loud. MAN....makes you so sick of that kind of crap when you live with people still around you like an apartment but these are condos and WE OWN ours but they are only renting. I KNOW the man who rented to her did NOT know she was going to be having this man hanging around or basically LIVING there too. He only rented to her. She seems odd but okay and quiet at least. Till he came along. They have not really been all that bad but I don't have a good feeling about that man. AND when she goes off to work....he hangs around half the time here. NOW..what is he doing? Not working? Messing around?

Then I come home from work at the hospital and the house was cold. Our not even 2 year old furnace was not running. I restarted it and all...but still won't keep running. Seems that NO PILOT light thing is messed up as it won't stay on and keep the gas coming in. SO..we will have to call the people and HOPEFULLY they can come out today. SINCE IT IS (of course) ONLY 16 DEGREES OUTSIDE!! Never will be super cold when something like this happens. HOPEFULLY it is covered under our warranty...since it is not even 2 years old! I know the neighbors had their furnace put in the same day as we did..and they had something go out on theirs a couple weeks back too. That is odd huh? Oh well. BETTER be covered.

So we have to take care of that today. Noah is supposed to go to school. I was having LABOR pains a couple days ago...then yesterday felt so crampy and bad....went to the bathroom and passed a huge clot or something from my period. MAN...the toilet was so full of blood I could not even see through the water. Then of course I continued to pass blood clots all day. So I called the nurse. They called back. Said to come in but I did not. I figured it is all related to me going through the change! I will call again today I think though just in case they need to see me.

I have lit a fire. I imagine they are freezing in the bedroom by now. I cannot believe Keith has not gotten up to investigate or to see what is going on. He had to hear me in the furnace room messing around this morning. NO signs of him yet.

Well..need to work. More later.

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