Monday, February 09, 2004 labs all came back fine. Figured they would be so that is good. My ultrasound is on the 18th....we will see how that goes.

We met with Noah's teachers today. That went very well. He is doing much much better and has made great progress. Has been dealing with his sensory issues much better than in the past! So we had a good, productive meeting!

I have not been able to file our taxes on time like normal ( by Feb. 4th or so) because I am now waiting on a replacement W2 form since I apparently tossed mine in the trash accidentally. HOPEFULLY I will get mine this week and can do it this weekend or next.

Tonight is the Westminster Dog Show out of New York. I look forward to that every year! Also a new 7th Heaven I think and new Everwood I think. The dog show I believe they also repeat the next morning so if I miss any tonight I can see it tomorrow morning.

Trying to do some overtime to get more work done. I SERIOUSLY need to get caught back up and am HOPING this overtime will help! So far I am making only a tiny bit of progress.

I am tired...(what's new). Need to get some things done today including paying bills. Better go for now. My little Noah is a sweetie pie. For some reason he has been interested in breast feeding again. I keep telling him I HAVE NO MILK..he keeps saying I have BIG MILK CARTONS! hahah

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