Thursday, January 29, 2004

Okay...Noah did GREAT at the doctor's office today. He did not cry much at all for his 5 year Booster shots....but he does complain about his one thigh being a little sore. I guess it would be after 2 shots in it!! His pediatrician, Keith and I talked about things again today. Dr. Baker really thinks Noah has no problems...but that instead...he is extremely bright and intelligent and is like a gifted child/or something....he said over and over many many times he feels Noah is going to become some superstar in the near he was doing things in the office for him that 6-8 years olds do...not 5 year olds. I was surprised I guess I felt most of these things were normal for 5 year olds to some degree. I mean I KNOW he can do many things and KNOWS many things that many or most 5 year olds do not. BUT he is also behind in some with his language. BUT is the typical Einstein syndrome all over again. When a very intelligent child is extremely ahead in areas like math, music and (shoot...something else that escapes me at this point) I think perhaps reading? Anyway...their brains spend so much time advancing in these areas that the expressive language or speech portions of their brains literally gets placed on HOLD while these other areas go like SUPER NORMAL to an advanced stage. We told him about Noah working 3 digit problems on a calculator...adding and subtracting. His EXTREME memory..I mean this is a child who can see something like ONCE and KNOW it. He has an incanny sense of direction and after only being someplace ONE time he can tell Keith and I how to get there again. We can be driving some place and he KNOWS where we are and where we are going. It is amazing. He is better at this than I AM!! He has a great love of numbers and music. He has a toy piano where it teaches him how to play a song..he can learn it after like one time. He can learn songs after like one time. The list goes on and on. He can spell and write and type many words. He can figure out any computer game that we have given him...all by himself. Even older kids and adult games. He was telling Dr. Baker what color to mix with what color to get another color. Dr. Baker was stunned and sat there shocked. I did not think this was so unusual. He said it was something he has only seen 7-8 year olds do. He asked how LONG Noah has been able to do these things. I said he has known what colors to mix to get what colors for over a year now. And yet the struggle continues with potty training!

SO...Dr. Baker basically said to not worry about Noah "having anything wrong" that he tends to believe the opposite.....that he will show everyone how bright and intelligent he is...and the older he gets and better he gets at expressing himself and talking....we will probably all be amazed at what we hear. So........time will tell I guess. I think I am going to ask him to write me some kind of letter saying all this as ANY time I mention things like this to the staff at Parr Preschool they look at me like "yeah right" as I believe they all think something is wrong with Noah. They even had me looking for a reason as to why he is the way he is. Dr. Baker said that Noah needs to be challenged more...and I told him I have told the staff this at the preschool...and he again recommended computer programs...etc. AND I told him that is pretty much what we have been doing. I told him I felt Noah had problems at the preschool many times because he just gets bored. So we try to stimulate him more at home and make up for it. SO he agreed to continue to do that. I feel much better and we have decided to NOT do any testing on Noah at this time.

So.....our day was good. Noah was great. I was so proud of him. I bought him lunch at Burger King...and he was happy. We played Candyland at home later...and trucks.

Noah is now getting tired. He wants to play on the computer before it is too late. We have a field trip on Friday. He and I will go to school together and ride a bus to the Westminster Rec Center to see an orchestra play. So it should be fun. Keith will drop us off and pick us up..and then it is out to lunch....keith's treat! So until then..


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