Monday, January 26, 2004

Well.....figures now TODAY I WOULD have a migraine! is a no win situation for getting things done! EXCEPT for the fact that when I have a migraine...I can get some of my best work done. Not sure if it is from the medicine I take for them or what! BUT....I feel better SITTING UPRIGHT for one I don't lay down......and then once up...I get full of energy so I just WORK it off. SO today should actually be a productive day!!

MAN...we got a cold front that moved in here. I don't think they were planning on's super cold. Only 10 degrees now and we have a couple of inches of snow on the ground!! BBBBBRRRRRRRRR. I should make a fire in the fireplace...but I did not clean it out yet and it really needs cleaned first before making another fire in it. Maybe I can clean it today so Noah and I can make a fire in there tonight. I have lit my cocoa/peppermint and one just a minty scent. The bathroom has cinnamon!! Making some coffee now the smells are wonderful at least in here!!

Noah and I made some cut out gingerbread cookies last night. They had all these Pillsbury Gingerbread cookie dough rolls on sale at the store for 99 cents each. So I got like 8 rolls I think. SO we made up 2 rolls last night. Unless you make tiny cookies you only get a couple dozen per roll. He LOVES to help me make cookies. I roll out the dough after he helps put flour down..then he cuts the dough all out with different cookie cutters. I place them on the cookie sheets and into the oven. Once baked I put icing on them and he then decorates them with different sprinkles. He makes wonderfully beautiful cookies and sits the entire time and works hard.

After we got all that finished and cleaned up I called my grandma. We talked for like 2 HOURS!! She invited us to stay at her house when we make it back for a visit to Ohio this Easter. We had decided Easter might be a nice time to travel to Ohio for a visit as we have never been there in the spring. We would leave on Good Friday and get there Saturday...and then could actually stay till like the following Sat. or Sun. before heading back. So it would be or SHOULD be a nice visit. I was very surprised she asked us to stay...and I told her we would ONLY stay if she would NOT wait on us hand and foot and work herself to death while we were there. I told her that whenever I have been there for visits it seems more like I have come home for a visit and I enjoy it more....even than when I visit at my parent's house. I think because dad kind of gets into a "stressed out" mode while we are there and he does not do well with kids or a lot of people it is like walking on eggshells the entire time we visit there. AND Noah seems to always want to chase their dog around and since the dog never gets put into a separate room....that is a problem. Last time we were there Noah got bit on the nose! Anyway.....certain people felt it was all Noah's fault anyway as he would not leave the dog alone. However..when he got bit he was only going up to the dog to kiss her on her nose and pet her on her head. He was not chasing her or anything like that as dad was holding her in his lap at the time! Oh well that is yet another story! So...staying at grandma's house would be an incredibly wonderful way to relive my visits there as a child..and have Noah experience it too. A wonderful way to visit with grandma....and to enjoy a nice stay...instead of in a motel room!

Having problems with our computers. The CD-ROM on my own computer messed up a long time ago. THANKFULLY I have 2 on this computer so I still have one that works. However...the computer I have here at home from work now has a CD-ROM drive on it that is not working properly. Seems Keith is always the last one using a computer before these things needless to say I was pretty ticked at him. I spent my entire Sunday morning working on computers instead of working for WORK.....and then I still had to work for I got a late start with doing ANYTHING. Keith had a migraine on Saturday so we did not get anything done that day. We were going to finish putting away Christmas boxes out in the closet..etc. PLUS we have to get up in our attic and check out the space up there and see about storing anything up there in the future. SOME things might be able to go up there and be stored...but I would prefer everything be on this level if possible. So the weekend that I had planned to get things done really did not come to pass. I did get to read a book..or some of it which was nice. I will finish it today probably. I don't get much free time to read these days.

Noah goes back to the doctor on Thursday for his 5 year BOOSTER shots. HOPEFULLY that will go well. He goes back to school today but I am dreading it. I expect to hear from the school that he did something he was not supposed to do. I pray that does not happen but lately it does. I also just don't feel comfortable with him going to this preschool anymore for some odd reason. Noah wants to go..he has a couple of friends we will try it anyway. We will talk to the doctor on Thursday more about possible fragile x syndrome and any testing for that that might need to be done. We can have Noah tested for it now if we want but I KNOW he would not handle a blood draw well. SO we are going to ask if WE could get tested for we would have to have a mutation of the gene to pass it onto Noah...and we would only have gotten it via our father. I guess my father would have had to pass it to me...and then I guess when I have a child they inherit the mutated gene. SO we will see. COuld just be Noah has some behavioral and sensory integration problems to still work through. But he sure has many of the symptoms of fragile x. Course like with most things....many symptoms can sound similar for so many things these could be anything or NOTHING.

My friend Cheryl in Ohio and I talked to each other on Saturday. I don't know about her sometimes. She of course was like "how old is Noah now?"....I told her he turned 5 at the end of December...and she is like "well he should be potty trained by now". (AS he still is not POOP potty trained completely and will NOT go unless we make him). I said "yes...I KNOW he should be but he is not....and it is an ongoing continual struggle to help him become completely potty trained. Unless you have a child like this trust have NO CLUE!!". She said it was best I had a child like that as she probably could not handle it. GEE...could this be perhaps why she has no children? hahahah. YEAH DUH!!! So is extremely taxing and frustrating to try to get Noah completely potty trained...and you can lose your patience with him which does NOT help the situation any. AND kids with fragile x (especially boys) DO have this problem. Most (as Noah can do) are PEE potty trained without problems. HE is too. MOST however do not completely get poop potty trained till 6-7 years of age or older. HEAVEN HELP US!! They say eventually they will get there but not till they are ready just go with the flow. Hey..if anyone out there thinks they can do it GO FOR IT I say..hahaha. I remember my sister's son who also was late in potty training...POOP wise that is. He still pooped his pants all the time instead of going to the bathroom when he was like 8-9 years old! NOW WHAT is that all about?? Not like he did not know he had to go or anything......he also had a speech delay. SO makes you wonder if he has or had anything kind of wrong with him too. Since fragile x syndrome is a genetically inherited thing...I guess it would be possible.

So here I sit....need to get some work done officially. Sure looks cold out there and in fact the temperatures dropped and it is now only 9 degrees outside! We have several days coming this week of extremely windy days. Now out here extremely windy means like 50-90 MPH winds!!! It can be unreal!

Watched a show on building a low cabin yesterday afternoon. That was nice but I guess I would prefer a LOG HOME...something a little bigger. After seeing how they do it though it sure does not look as hard as you would think it would be. BUT you would have to have LAND to build it on..and then MONEY to pay people to do certain things..hahaha. I have always thought a nice log home would be nice someday. I get a magazine about log homes all the time and there are gorgeous ones in there. Hey this would be the perfect place to have a log home....COLORADO? Yeah!!!

I worry about my mom sometimes. Grandma and I talked about that and my sister Melissa and I have talked about it. Mom has made some strange comments about Jesus and religion. I know she went to church as a child and was baptized (not sure of what age)....but if she is a believer and all....some of her comments sound strange. She has made mention a few times now that perhaps Jesus was GAY!!! HELLO?? I guess because he had all these MALE disciples who followed him around...and you never heard much about him being with or around women in the Bible. Well he was around some women......and there are stories in there about this....but I found the comment disturbing. NOT quite sure what to think of that! And she is terrified of dying. Now I know most don't want to die..but if you believe in GOd as your should have some idea of what will happen to you after you die. I think mom acts like perhaps she is not sure? I would think that would be the only reason she would be terrified? Not sure. So that kind of bothers me. Grandma said something about how mom should read her bible every day....and I told her I did not think mom owned a bible. I think dad has one somewhere...not even sure about that. SO anyway...that is yet another story too.

Well..I better get my butt in gear and get off here and get to work.

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