Sunday, January 25, 2004

GEESH!! Keith was last on the computer from work and once again my D:Drive seems to be shot. WhAT in the world does he do? OR is he just the unlucky one to always be on the computer when a drive goes bad? I am so ticked off. Yesterday he complained of a headache all day. Could not do shit. Today I spent all my morning trying to rectify crap he did last night...instead of doing MY JOB as I should have been. NOW that means my day that was planned to complete the work he could not help me with yesterday has been shot to hell and back again....why? Because now I have to sit here and type and work to make up what I should have done this morning!! AND....he manages to finally get Noah dressed and ready for the day. Finally warmed him up leftover pizza for his lunch. Now....instead of fixing US lunch let's see what he does. I refuse to make him anything today...I will see what HE comes up with if anything to eat. He is free...I AM WORKING. He can make lunch or dinner....instead I find him sitting in the room eating candy in front of Noah when Noah is to be eating much for setting a good example. I told him he should ONLY be eating lunch (REAL FOOD) in front of Noah and not candy if he is to be eating lunch and real food. SO now he is out rummaging around in the kitchen...who knows doing what! So the Christmas stuff is still sitting and I am soooo ticked off it can now just wait. I will do it myself when KEITH IS NOT HERE...that is the ONLY time I seem to get anything accomplished these days anyway..when he is NOT here. gee..wonder what that means? It means HE IS not very good at helping do squat around here that is what it means! AND instead of having him stand around with a stick up his least I can accomplish something if he is not present as he won't get in my way.

Sorry..the expletives are something I should NOT be doing but sometimes they are the only things that seem to make you feel better or get a point across! Man......makes me sick.

Meanwhile my work load job PERSONAL TIME (what the crap is that????) suffers.....and everything else too.

Okay..he just walked in with a sandwich for HIMSELF...not asking me if I wanted anything..not asking me shit!@!!~!! Talk about selfish? And if I make a comment about will be :" you want something". I could just SLAP him sometimes. NO amount of talking seems to penetrate his THICK SKULL...which even if it did..I have to wonder if there would be a brain there to asborb any information anyway.

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