Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well...American Idol is interesting again this year. AND I said I was NOT going to watch it another season!! Oh well. Next week it is on THREE nights....yes...THREE nights!

Warmer here...41 degrees still at 9:30 p.m. Just got done watching this new show about America's Top Model? Something like that. Was interesting. MAN..this one chick sure was a cry baby. She drops at the drop of a hat over everything!

Did a lot of deep thinking today. Cleaned some things up in the room..some papers...PLAYED CANDYLAND with Noah MANY times. He had another FABULOUS day at school. Friday I go with him to school and we will ride a bus together with the class and take a field trip. We go to Tots Inside the Orchestra.....should be fun. Tomorrow he goes for his FIVE year booster shots...three of them. Hopefully that will go well. We will then probably pop over and register him for Kindergarten at his home school.

I am getting will be heading to bed soon. I read somewhere today that ONLY AFTER 8 HOURS of sleep does your body begin rejuveninating new cells! EIGHT HOURS!!!?? WOW....I don't get that much sleep anymore...have not for a long time.

I continue to ask myself why I stand in front of the open cupboard door looking inside for something to eat when I am not really hungry. AND I ONLY do it like in the afternoons. Like now I do NOT want anything....and am not hungry...etc. I am not out there rummaging around for something. Can't quite figure it out yet but I am working on it.

Well...getting tired and my eyes are blurry. MUCH work to do later.


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