Monday, January 01, 2007

starting anew in 2007 with a new look

the New Year has begun and I felt it was time to make some changes around here. The fight in me is gone so I got rid of the warrior on the top of my blog. I have decided to try to not let things affect me much anymore......perhaps for my own protect myself......I think mainly for survival. No big deal......I was already doing it pretty well...

I changed my look here and really like it so far. It is much more calming and soothing and reflective. I usually design a look based on a a mood or feelings I am experiencing in my life. I like this new look and the colors......I have other ideas but it will take me some time to figure everything out here.

Not much happening here today. Nice and looks like fall outside......but is cold enough here now if it rains again it will actually be snow this time round.

A good movie day......I just talked to grandma C......maybe a good nap is in order too. I had some strange dreams this morning.

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