Friday, January 05, 2007

the skinny..........and rain

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well...since I cannot post it here without it messing up my borders and margins and is a link to SNOPES which talks about a former posting of mine at EFX2.......about super skinny models......I had been researching this for some time to find out if the original pics were real or digitally altered. It took awhile for SNOPES to comment on it but they finally did. The skinny models' photos were digitally altered so they were not quite as skinny as originally portrayed on some of those pictures I posted...but they were still pretty skinny. Go here to check it out: links I see do not work. You will have to copy and paste.

It is January 5 and 60 degrees outside.....rainy.....all I want to do is sleep today. I just made some coffee thinking it would help wake me up along with a loaf of chocolate chip bread. I had the oven on to make some lunch for Noah so I figured I would take advantage of an already hot oven and pop in a loaf of bread. The house is now warm enough to OPEN WINDOWS! Which I have done! I even turned on the house fan to circulate the air. I may be tempted to go out and uncover the central air at this rate!

I know we had holidays in here along the way but I swear it hardly seems like they have already come and passed. Maybe because we had no snow......I seem to associate my Christmases with snow. COLD temps....something.

I just listened to all the birds singing and chirping so LOUDLY outside! I bet they are extremely happy the temperatures are so mild!

I just front door wreath and hook has fallen off a third time. OKAY...that is it. UNTIL I can find a hook that will stay UP during rainy wet weather....I guess my front door will not have anything on it! AND my house seems to have shifted a bit in the dampness so I doubt an over-the-door wreath hook will work.

However...if that is the least of my worries today I am blessed.

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