Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moon Cycles

Now I realise that this one isn't for everyone, but if you are open
to the idea that the cycles of the moon affect us then you might
like to consider paying attention to this 2007 'Moon calendar'.

The phases of the moon govern our emotions in the same way that
they govern many of the physiological processes of life on Earth,
particularly sealife.

Since ancient times the new Moon as a time for starting new things.
A time when energy will be increasing. Plant the seeds of future goals.
Begin new projects.Make new wishes. Things that are begun around the new
moon will have the best chance of growing. This is why farmers, throughout
history, have often paid close attention to these cycles. But its not just
useful for growing crops, anything that you want to have a swell of energy
behind, such as a new goal or project, will benefit by beginning at, or
just after, the new moon.

Now, there are two tips I can give you on how to use this calendar.
Firstly, try to start new projects at or just after the new moon,
and avoid starting them in the days before the new moon. Secondly,
the period inbetween your birthday and the next new moon in your
sign (whichever comes first) is the very best time of the year for
setting goals and starting new projects. So, for example, if your
birthday was April 10th (making you an aries), then the period
between April 10th and April 17th is the best time for you to set
your goals, as April 17th is the new moon in Aries.

Jan 18 - New moon (in Capricorn)
Feb 2 - Full moon
Feb 17 - New moon (in Aquarius)
March 3 - Full moon
March 18 - New moon (in Pisces)
April 2 - Full moon
April 17 - New moon (in Aries)
May 2 - Full moon
May 16 - New moon (in Taurus)
June 1 & 30 - Full moon
June 15 - New moon (in Gemini)
July 14 - New moon (in Cancer)
July 30 - Full moon
August 12 - New moon (in Leo)
August 28 - Full moon
Sept 11- New moon (in Virgo)
Sept 26 - Full moon
Oct 11 - New moon (in Libra)
Oct 26 - full moon
Nov 9 - New moon (in Scorpio)
Nov 24 - Full moon
Dec 9 - New moon (in Sagittarius)
Dec 24 - Full moon

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