Saturday, December 23, 2006

so much to do here...or maybe not. Maybe I will keep this blog strictly for writing and a few photographs from time to time. No eye candy and stuff along the sides.......maybe later for that. has been another very enlightening day to say the least. It is no wonder I have felt sort of sick to my stomach all day long......I think one's nerves can only take so much.

Mom seems to be doing pretty well. I talked to her tonight for a bit as well as my grandma C. Hard to imagine Christmas eve is tomorrow already and Christmas the day after that. It just is coming up too fast.

Tonight I made my buckeye candies......I had thought about taking a picture and posting here.....maybe another time. I am in a weird mood......not really feeling like doing too much.......though there is always stuff needing done around here. I muddle through it all somehow....

Tomorrow Noah and I will decorate some cookies......I will make dessert to take to Mom's on Monday.......tonight I am wrapping presents while Noah up the kitchen a bit.

Noah and I watched the Polar Express again tonight. We need to just buy that movie if someone has not gotten it for us for a Christmas present...we both really like to watch it a lot. I guess I must be emotional as I cried at the end of that and I have seen it HOW many times now? haha

oh well......I better get with it or I will be up all night and this is one night I am off work and I could actually sleep if I wanted to.

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