Saturday, December 23, 2006

and one more thing about the entire EFX2 thing.......then I am letting it go completely.

Keith...the grand living up to his title.

First off......I have to wonder if he realizes how obssessed he makes himself appear with Cyn's posts and comments and blogs? I mean I among MANY MANY other EFX2ers would NEVER have even KNOWN any of the stuff happening behind the scenes or publicly elsewhere had he not drawn our attention to it. NEVER. AND to KNOW that someone else SOMEWHERE else is posting 14 posts about you or your BLOGGING system in 12 days tells me he is spending a lot of time apparently reading Cyn's blog (when he is telling us he could care less what she is saying or doing or it does not bother him....etc...gee...I would say that really would not appear to be the case in this instance). I did not see Cyn going around trying to HANG onto crap or still stirring the pot of shit. IF she did she at least had the class to do it elsewhere.....and NOT on EFX2. Had Keith NOT pointed out publicly via COMMUNITY WIDE NOTIFICATION on his blog a link to Cyn and what she reportedly had said......NO ONE WOULD BE THE WISER. my book.......regardless of what was being dished out where and when and by whom......he is the official shit stirrer because he refused to let things go. When you are in CHARGE of a blogging system........whether it be hobby or DO place yourself at a higher level of authority than the average BLOGGER. OR YOU SHOULD. Whether you want to admit it or not ARE or SHOULD have enough common sense to realize that you would want to appear as NEUTRAL and unbiased as one can in regards to your CUSTOMERS (for lack of better wording here as we never paid for anything at EFX2 and that is so obviously clear now). should at all times remain NEUTRAL and separate from bashings online within your own community. THAT is why I suggested he take it elsewhere......Cyn did.......that was classy. He remained there....linked to her.....bashed her and it continues days later!

I think that says a lot about what TYPE of person that is. For someone to seem to derive so much enjoyment from the bashing....and the continued bashings...(oh I know is NOT YOU who are making fun of her or bashing her......we know....we keep telling us that as you continue to drive the stake down a bit further cause you don't think it has been driven far enough yet). What amazes me is this......IF none of this is or was true about you........why play into the entire thing yourself? WHY give it any time of day? Why go off the deep end and eat, sleep and breathe this? That is how it appears.........If it is all just ENTERTAINMENT to you......I think that says a lot ......what kind of sick person derives enjoyment from such things as you are doing NOW?

You wanted to clear some things up. Gee.....the stuff CYN was posting that you addressed here was NEVER even posted here at EFX2. Again....except for YOU posting it here.......your fellow bloggers would never have known.......except for some who followed Cyn regularly. Most of those were still making appearances at EFX2 as neutral however.......what she said had not changed their opinions of you one but you seemed to find it necessary to CLEAR anything up! AND I was never a follower of Cyn. I never even had access to her EFX2 blog. I never knew what she was writing or saying about you or EFX2. I am capable of making my own opinions and judgements. I have to admit your behavior here has made my latest decisions quite easy. You have made yourself look like a desperately obssessed immature person......who wants everyone to like them. If EFX2 is doing so well..........and you are nothing like what Cyn or others spout off about....why not let your credentials speak for themselves? Why not let who YOU ARE speak for itself? There should not have been a need to defend yourself. No one attacked you here! By participating in this circus of are now showing us who you truly are. I for one can't stomach it.

The ad crap. WHO GIVES A SHIT ANYMORE? And yet you Keith continue to send out community wide notifications to link us to a fellow blogger who has posted something about how they SUPPORT the ads....and more importantly YOU. Why do you find a NEED to try to make your own self continue to look good to all of us out here? said you did not care anyway? I don't get it and frankly it is giving me a headache trying to figure it out. WHY? Because in the grand scheme of things no one really gives a shit anyway Keith.

Life is too short. We all have way too many more important things going on to worry about your drama or to keep up with it. This reminds me of shit that used to happen when I was in high school? OR YOUNGER!

You always prided EFX2 on its sense of "community." Well....I have to wonder if you truly cannot see how your behavior here is destroying that sense of community? I guess you do not see it that way because the crap continues to pour out.

You have you buds supporting you.......believing any dribble that comes out of your mouth just because it does. You say the same happens with Cyn's supporters. MOST do not really care one way or the other! MOST......I think ALL......just want it to all stop. CYN TRIED to let it all go....she took her complaints elsewhere.......I had no idea there was a CORRECT way (according to you) to leave a blog........Was that something in the TOS I missed? I guess YOUR correct way is to say something nice and just go? NO fuss or backlash I think you said? I think CYN tried to do that. She was making a fuss at her own NEW PLACE......which was her right. YET YOU FOLLOWED HER there..........snooping around and reading and brewed up this latest fiasco! You linked others to her new place which again......they would likely NOT have even known about had you NOT posted it here! AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE? You say to defend your name....EFX2......what a load of crap!

This does not defend anything......other than the fact that somewhere along the way your head got bigger than your britches and you think any of us out here give a crap.

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