Sunday, May 22, 2005

So much for the continuation of the "ending" of my menses to officially complete that part of my menopause! Seems like it only finally stopped and now it is starting all over again. No wonder I was tired and exhausted and felt soooo sleepy the other night and even wanted to eat more! It all makes sense now.

I am going to water my plants. Been super hot outside in the 90s...for middle MAY that is pretty warm. I think we have another week and then it will get back down to the 70s...more seasonal temps! We have kept our balcony blind outside basically DOWN the last couple of days. I go out and figure why bother putting it up for the will only have to come back down the next day in time for the sun to be blocked. We face west. is still down.

LOTS of work to do. Church today....although I am tired and wouldn't mind sleeping in or resting for a bit. I have bills and paperwork to do today also. old Elvis movie I like is coming on at 8:00...It Happened At the World's Fair.

Otherwise...I am sure this sounds boring to about anyone reading it. I need to think of something I can fix for lunch in the crockpot! NO oven or stove today if I can keep from it.

OKay.....signing off to get some coffee and water my plants.

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