Saturday, May 28, 2005

Okay something just went running across my roof. I SURE HOPE it was on the OUTSIDE and is only like some SQUIRRELS!! Sure sounded bigger than that....

My stomach well higher than my stomach has not been feeling all that great. I do hope it is not a heart thing instead of stomach thing. I take anti-GE reflux medication and it works well. However I have had some funny pains in the same area I had before when I had gallbladder problems. Course I don't have a gallbladder anymore. SO I am not sure. If it continues I guess I should go get checked out. Sometimes I hurt the cartilage around my breastbone due to the SIZE of my boobs and their weight pulling on it especially when I bend over without a bra! Disgusting I know but true. I know I know....why would I ever go without a bra then? Because I have yet to find one that really feels GOOD.

My bras now are about the size of a small child's hat. Need I say more? I remember seeing my grandma's bra when I was little and thinking was sooooo big! bra is right there now too. AND COULD be a hat! NO..TWO hats.

With that being said and to start my day I am off. OBVIOUSLY.

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