Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Okay..could this be the dying to self thing? Could it be I lost myself and need to find myself all over again? I think I know who I am now...no...I do know who I am now so I look at it as if I have just changed and am not lost. Oprah talks about finding yourself again...and has had many therapists on about remembering WHO you are and bringing that person back to life. Many women tend to lose themselves in their kids and families and forget WHO THEY ARE. Is that my case? Does or did Oprah ever lose herself? Can you ever really get that old you back again? I know you can make an entirely NEW you. They tell you to start listening to old music you did back in high school, and do things you did back then. I doubt I would have the energy to do the things I used to. I have tried listening to old music and it is weird how that DOES indeed bring back aspects of my old self. You do feel like you go back to the old you ...but it usually only lasts for the length of the song. Is there something to do that is more lasting? hahaha.

I like Oprah but when did she become an expert it seems on EVERYTHING? I don't think her pedestal can get any higher can it? AND I LIKE her a lot and her show too. BUT there are times she gets to me. No one likes a know it all and she comes off that way sometimes. She has a good heart and does a lot for a lot of people but she also tends to not let them forget it. I know sometimes people watch her and wonder just how sincere she really is about things.

I will never forget her show when that teacher who had posed nude was on. She really gave her the 3rd degree. While I am sure it was most everyone's opinion that what the teacher did was disgusting....Oprah just went on and on and on about it. The woman was very uncomfortable and Oprah was so judging.

I don't know why I am going on and on about her. Sorry. Heck who am I apologizing to anyway but myself?

Tom Cruise was on Oprah yesterday. He appears to really be in love with that Katie Holmes. They do make a very cute couple. But he seemed exceptionally happy and it was actually funny to see how he acted on the show about Katie. I half expected him to ask Katie to marry him on the show! I am happy he is so happy. Everyone just seems to like him so much because he is so likeable! He has magnetism I guess they would say.

Okay..work to do. I need to sign off here and get back to it.


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