Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do you ever feel like the "old" you has died? I look back at pictures of me when I was in my 20s and wonder "who was that?" I seemed like a totally different person back then. I don't recognize myself and don't feel like that person at all anymore. Is this normal? I know I have changed a lot since then...and that is good. However, don't you retain some of your old you even as you grow older and change?

I look back at me on video clips and old pictures and I don't even "connect" with that person. It seems I am looking at someone else and not me. It is very very weird. While I can recall all the things I used to do (I think I can anyway)actually remembering what it "felt" like to be that person is no longer possible for me. I think that is a bit weird. I mean I even remember me in high school and I barely have a connection with that person. I recall things but the connection is not there. I don't feel like that person. Have I changed so drastically over time that the person I was no longer exists? That seems a bit more plausible to me and I am thinking you basically make who you become....so perhaps that old me did indeed die off as this new me developed?

OKAY..did someone CLONE ME OUT THERE??? Where am I? hahahaha.

Brother...too deep for this early in the morning.

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