Monday, July 09, 2007

Nasty thoughts... (slightly explicit)

As I grabbed the shaving cream

While in the shower today

My mind took off as usual

With thoughts of how to play

My cream-filled hands began to wander

So slowly they moved around

Applying thick, delicious cream

To my body without a sound

I thought of you as it covered me

In deep, delicious bliss

I only wish you were there

So eager I was to kiss

You anywhere on your body

Your face, your lips, your dick

I could think of many places

I certainly wanted to lick

The feeling sent me reeling

As the cream dripped down my thighs

I imagined you beside me

Your cock just starting to rise

Between my cream filled fingers

So squishy, soft and wet

The main goal in my mind

To make you the happiest yet

I wondered how it would feel

Smearing this between each other

Baby all I've got to say

Is you better run for cover

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

Image Source: Google Images

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