Friday, July 13, 2007

does anyone remember the scene from the movie "The Birds" ....

where the birds all fly up and land on the playground equipment as Melanie is waiting for Cathy to get out of school?

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Well...we have a lot of birds in the evenings that chatter and carry on and flock in the trees so sounds just like from that movie......AND the last couple nights when I walk out front......the birds start to fly from the trees and fill up the neighbor's tv is a shot of is rather spooky! I half expect them to start swooping me and I will be running down the street with a blackbird hanging on my back pecking my neck while I am screaming!

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-07-13


Mom said...

Oh WOW, a little spooky. But also the TV antenna, you just don't see many of those anymore.

There's a tree across the street, and you can hear the birds as it's starting to get dark, they are really, really loud, and if someone makes a loud bang, they all take off, it's amazing how many can get into one tree. No wonder there is so much bird doo doo around. I'm surprised the hawk doesn't get himself a late supper. Love you

Melinda said...

it is spooky!

Melissa said...

Freaky...I personally don't like birds, so this would freak me out if they all came dive bombing for me!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

This is kind of least from where I am standing. Not sure I would want that close to my house.

kuntface said...

hum, i love how some of the birds are repeating.

nice try!


Melinda said...

I have no idea what you mean about birds repeating......this was a digital photo of my neighbor's antenna...nothing more. It is not doctored up if that is what you meant. I have no way to do that nor the time.

Thanks for the visit and comment though