Monday, February 16, 2004 posts in awhile. Not been feeling too well. Actually Saturday was a pretty good day.....Keith got me a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day. I got him a card and fixed him his favorite (one of his favs) beef stroganoff for dinner. We watched the movie "Sea Biscuit" which was very good. We had a nice day at home.

I went to bed early as I was not feeling all that great. I was achey all over and had a bad headache....I woke up at 11:00 p.m. with a horrible kidney stone attack back pain. The last time I had a pain such as that was when I had a really big one stuck and had to have surgically removed. SO I was not happy about this pain. Keith rubbed my back and I was able to sleep every 1-2 hours and ended up NOT doing any overtime for work as I should have. Sunday I developed EXTREME diarrhea..I MEAN EXTREME! Like a hose out the butt!! ahahaah. Brother. I got weighed..and had lost 10 POUNDS OVERNIGHT! I figured the scales were wrong but Keith got weighed and said they were accurate. I took some pills for my aches and the migraine pills for my migraine headache. The pain came and went so I got no more work done Sunday. We watched "Pirarates of the Caribbean" and that was about it. I moaned and groaned off and on all day sipping on Sprite and eating crackers. Then the vomiting started. When the back pain got intense I would also vomit.

Finally this morning I got such bad pain I was almost not able to stand it. I had decided to NOT go to the ER but try to hold off on seeing a regular doctor today and having a CT scan that way as it is a lot faster than the ER!! Finally about 5:00 the pain subsided enough to sit here and work. I think the stone may have moved around the front the way the pain felt and the fact that the kidney itself THANK THE LORD does not seem to be having least now now for like 2 hours which is a record this time round. So...HOPEFULLY the worst part is over and it is coming around to pass out. I will probably still call and have a CT scan done today if I can...etc. Keith may just have to miss work to haul my sorry butt around all day to the doctor.

Anyway...that is about my weekend in a nutshell! Not much else happening and I have felt too crappy to do much else. AND NOW my cyst has really been bothering me too unless it is the stone there or irritating the area.

More later...


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