Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The end of the day...

The end of the day....

Right before bedtime, is the hardest for me.

It's when I miss you the most

And I wish you were here or I there

I pretend I am your pillow or mattress

And imagine what it would be like to feel your full body weight

Lying on top of me

Your movement creating contours in my being

I think about you during the day

Most hours spent wishing I were your pencils

Feeling the caress of your fingers wrapped tightly around me

Holding me securely yet carefully

Creating gentle strokes across your paper in brilliant colors

I sometimes wish I were your cat

Able to lie across your chest purring my delight

Flicking my tail across your skin

As your hands rhythmically pet and coax

Or the lemons you eat

The rush they must feel

As you grasp their skin tight between your lips

And you suck their juices from their pulp

Or that glorious bar of soap

As you lather it across your skin

Each sudsy bubble cascading in ripples

Down your muscles and hard body

Because throughout each of my days

My bar of soap becomes your hands

The food touching my lips...your tongue

My chair....your lap

My music....your voice

My pillow...your chest

My fingers...yours

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

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