Thursday, August 23, 2007

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman...

OKAY......I actually watched a movie last night and it was this one. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN MUST! It is an excellent movie and very funny and I felt sent a superb message.

Helen McCarter has everything a woman wants: a nice house and rich husband. However her husband Charles throws her out of the house after admitting to an affair. A distraught Helen turns to her mother, grandmother Madea and cousin Brian who take her in and turn back to God. Helen learns for the first time in her life to stand up on her own two feet and is ready to remove herself from her relationship with Charles and move on with Orlando. But when her husband is almost killed by a vengeful client, Helen wonders if she has the heart to forgive him despite everything.


The movie starts at a banquet for Charles who is a prominent Atlanta lawyer. As he accepts his award he thanks his lovely wife Helen of eighteen years for supporting him. As they arrive home he throws her out of the car while letting it be known that he hates her. In the morning she goes to his office and asks to see him because she brought him some lunch and suddenly she sees him with another woman named Brenda. He tells her to go home. Back home she discovers all her clothes being loaded into a U-Haul.

She goes inside to ask the maid what is going on and the maid tells her that Charles ordered her to pack up Helen’s things and to put these things in their place. Helen, thinking that the new dresses are hers puts on one and waits for Charles to come home and thank him. Little does she know that Charles is kicking her out and moving in his mistress, Brenda. Helen has nowhere to turn except to Madea a gun toting, grandmother figure who is a part of her extended family.

The next morning Madea and Helen go to Charles' house and tear it up. Charles and Brenda come home to their surprise and Madea nearly shoots Charles but instead cuts everything in half with a chainsaw claiming that half of everything belongs to Helen. They end up in court with Helen being released on bond and Madea being placed on house arrest. Madea has a house party where Brian introduces Helen to his friend Orlando. Helen and Orlando have already met since Orlando was hired by Charles to pack and move Helen out. Madea makes Helen find a job so that she can learn to be independent.

The cousin Brian is introduced and he has a wife Debra who is a drug addict and no longer lives with him or their two kids. It is revealed that Charles received his money through drug deals, and by buying off judges, when one of the people he helped forces him to be his lawyer.The client ends up shooting him because he couldn't get him acquitted. In the meantime love develops between Orlando and Helen and soon Orlando proposes to Helen. But when she finds out Charles is hurt she leaves and goes to the hospital without saying yes or no.

At the hospital the doctor tells Helen, Brian, and the mistress that Charles might be paralyzed or worse. The doctor asks them what to do if something should go wrong. The mistress tells him to let Charles die but since Helen is still legally his wife she tells him to do everything he can to save Charles. Charles is paralyzed and so Helen lets him know exactly what she thinks of how he treated her. She lets him sit in the same spot for days and then later comes in and tells him that he stinks. She gives him a bath by throwning in to the tub and he nearly drowns.

During these incidents she lectures him and later Charles tells Helen how much he loves her and wants to be with her. The next Sunday they are in church and Charles and Debra walk down the aisle to accept Jesus into their heart. Afterwards, the family gathers to celebrate and have lunch. At lunch Helen tells Charles that she loves him and that they will always be friends and then hands him the divorce papers signed. Helen runs out the door and Madea asks Helen where she is going and Helen says "I am going to get MY MAN!" She goes to find Orlando at work and there she professes her love for him and the two kiss and Orlando shouts “Hey everyone, This Woman wants to MARRY ME!”

SOME will think it corny and too religious related.....but I adored it. I am going to have to ask for this one for Christmas because it is one I could watch again and again.

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Melissa said...

Yeah, this is a good movie, and it's got that man in there, the one that plays Orlando...woooo, he's sexy!