Monday, July 16, 2007

Beside you...

To stand beside you...

Creates such a charge
The fine hairs on my arm
Are filled with jolts of static electricity
The tiny hairs stretch out as high as they can
Trying to connect to the hairs on your arm
The heat created by our closeness
Pushes me to scoot closer
And press my skin against yours

To sit beside you...

I feel your hard thighs against mine
Each time you move
I am aware of your muscles contracting and releasing
Your legs feel rock hard and solid
Yet they gently rest against mine
As if kissing and caressing them, tempting me

To lie beside you...

Is like heaven on earth
As each night repeats itself
I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face
My skin radiating with love for you
The rhythm of your breathing matching my own
Until even our breaths rise and fall in unison

Copyright ©2007 man&SippingTheVastSpring

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