Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Infinite yet finite...
We take for granted there will always be a tomorrow
Another moment after we finish what we are doing right now
Caught up in our daily routines and work
Forgetting what is most important in our lives
And the reasons behind why we work at all
Sometimes failing to nurture our relationships with our loved ones
Believing we can always make up for it later
We will just "make" time later
Not realizing "time" is something we cannot create more of
We spread ourselves so thin we have little left to offer at the end of the day
And for what?
Another dollar that we will likely not keep?
A television show we feel we cannot live without watching?
Just another hour online and you'll be right there?
The moments that make up our lives and the lives around us are fleeting
In the blink of an eye many years can pass and you can be caught unaware
Left wondering where the time has fled
Regretting the memories you willingly chose not to make
Filled with a sense of longing and lacking
Questioning what you are missing and why you are unhappy
Looking around you see the little ones now grown
You look in the mirror and barely recognize the face looking back
A glance across the table you see an empty chair
Suddenly remembering the absent lover
Who could bear your lack of time for them no longer
You think about visiting a close relative
Then remember they have passed on
Left very alone and empty
It is then you realize....time is all you have

Copyright ©2007 Melinda A. Napoletano

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