Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday before Memorial Day...

blue because this was how my day began

I called Grandma C. today. She is recovering from total knee replacement surgery and is spending some time in rehab. She sounded pretty good but had just finished therapy so she was in some pain. When the nurse came around to ask her if she wanted some pain medicine she said yes.

We had a nice talk. I really miss being able to just run over and visit with her whenever we feel like it. We still could now but she is a lot farther away than 7-10 miles. AND Noah has not felt too well the last couple of days. I think the stuff in the air is bothering him. Today he had a slight fever and I have been treating his allergy symptoms. He sounds like he may be feeling a bit better now though because I can hear a lot of activity coming from his room.

I have had a very exhaustive night and start to my day but it has improved greatly. It will take a little longer for my physical condition to catch back up with my emotional one. Nerves can take their toll. I am a bit better about how I allow it or not to control my body but in reality...if nerves want to beat the living shit out of you they will regardless.

I have done a lot of thinking and a lot of talking to God. That is nothing new for me on either count actually. Time to reflect on things is always good and can be very fruitful even if painful.

My AC keeps kicking on and I think I may have it set too low. I am freezing my butt off but don't crank the thermostat up so it won't kick on as much. I think it is set at 68 which is actually pretty cool and normally does not bother me or Noah. I am sure emotions and hormones are in part making me freeze today!

I placed an order with GNC online. A GNC store is only about 1 mile from where I live. I could have just went in person and got all the stuff I needed...but my shipping was free and this spared Noah having to wait around on me to ooooh and ahhh....however...this time round the shipment has gone all over the place. It was actually in Ohio 2 days ago but then they sent it to Indianapolis, it is back in Ohio again and in my it says I should get it by the 30th? WOW....seems like FED EX screwed up somewhere.

A house down the street was auctioned off today. I expected the streets to be lined up with people and bidders but it wasn't. Only a handful showed up. I wonder who won it and how much it went for. Of course I also don't know what condition it was like on the inside. The outside does not look too bad though.

My landlord told me that when the plumber came here in the winter he came back to tel him I had the place fixed up really nice..."LIKE A PALACE" was his exact wording. I don't know if I would go that far but it made me feel good to know others thought it looked nice. I am sure my landlord is aching to get a peek in here but every time he wants to come around I have the place torn apart again like right now....I am reorganizing and moving boxes back to the garage into storage and finally trying to make something of the office area. WHAT a process and parts of the house look like when I moved in almost. BOXES all over! That in itself can be a bit depressing...but I am getting there.

Well this entry is boring and I doubt that many out there really care what I am doing with my day anyway. I could relate all my personal stuff here...which sometimes I do reveal tiny bits and pieces...but then it would no longer be "personal."

AND I now have cramps......we know what that means. No wonder I have been such a big bawl baby!

TMI!!! I know...I know...see ya got some personal doodah regardless.

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