Saturday, May 26, 2007


I noticed this interesting post on another blog about women and why they sometimes feel or get "CLINGY" and thought I would share it. (OF course it also applies to clingy men). I know I personally do not like to be smothered and yet I want to know without any doubt how my partner feels about me. I agree with this post because I believe as long as any partner feels secure in the relationship and there is no doubt how the other feels about eliminates the need to be clingy. Only when one withdraws and pulls back for whatever reason...which in turn causes doubt...does a person turn into into Saran Wrap.

I've noticed something over the past month or so that may, or may not, help you. Most guys hate clingy women, and from my own experience, I think I know why a lot of women become clingy.

Clingy women often have a low self esteem, are not secure in their situation, and lack self confidence. So in order to help a woman become less clingy, give her more attention and make her feel secure. How, you ask? Like this...

GG makes himself available to me 24/7 - honestly. No matter where I am, or what he's doing, he tells me to call him if I need him. Basically, he puts himself on call. Guess what happens? I become secure, and don't feel the "need" to call him. Seriously. I know he's there, and wants to be there, so the need to cling to him is gone. I don't call unless I absolutely need to, and that's rare.

He also holds me, and tells me that it's going to be ok when I get upset. He reassures me, in a supportive rather than fatherly way, that it's all ok. He doesn't condescend me, or make me feel like a child. He validates the fact that I'm upset, and comforts my emotions. Guess what happens? My self esteem increases because I feel like my emotions are validated, making the need to call him, less.

It's simple things that only take a little work, that will help ease a lot of the drama that women tend to carry. If a woman feels secure, cared for, and confident in her situation, she won't be as clingy. Ok, I'm talking more about myself here, but hey, if it helps, great!

I've found that men who are more secure with themselves tend to be more "caring and sensitive" towards a woman's feelings. This is helpful because it allows him more freedom to enjoy a life of his own.

GG can go out with the boys, and I don't even bat an eye. He makes me feel secure enough that I don't worry about what he's doing, because there's no need to. He's sincere in his actions, and that goes a long way.

AND for women who are guilty of being one of "those women" know....the "Nice Girl..." Too clingy, too nice, always changing their plans to accommodate the man...If you want to assert more authority and get over your clingy needs....this book may be of interest. YES..."WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES"....the author here showing you how to create a new "bitch" which is essentially the acronym "BABE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HERSELF"....could make for an interesting read no?

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