Tuesday, January 23, 2007

border crap

I just have to vent a bit about this. Since the new "PASSPORT required" to fly to Canada crap has started......the chatter regarding it has gotten pretty amazing to me.

What bugs me the most about this....is the fact that SOME Canadians....immediately assume or tell us that WE PERSONALLY (each and every one of us I guess)...were the ones who WANTED this to happen. Like I was even initially out there personally building up that original fence.......placing the guard houses.......hand picking the patrol..... I had no say in this. I was not asked to vote on this. I don't want it any more than anyone else I have talked to wants it. On either side of the fence.

This is all for show......it is how politics work. Let's make it LOOK good on the outside......make people feel like they have more security.......after all, the politicians have to generate actual projects and work in order for them to retain their jobs and get paid.

While our country is far from perfect.....I try and stand by it......but it continually bugs me when I have what I thought were "friends" in other countries who personally attack "me" or others I know here in the States......making it sound like all the horribly bad choices being made currently are choices we have each "personally" made!

Wow I wish I wielded some of that power they apparently think I am blessed with.

I don't know.....maybe I woke up with a bad attitude......maybe I read something into something I shouldn't have. BUT this has happened lately every time something idiotic gets done by our country. It is like the outside world looking in honestly believes we ALL voted to make these things happen. Like every single person in this country has 100% agreement on all things.

Our government is based on parties. That is like picking sides in a dodgeball game. It is a crapshoot. You never know till you are IN the midst of the game if you picked a good team or not no matter what is said up front. Sometimes you find out you have not.....so hopefully you learn from your bad choices and don't make them again. Sometimes you are fooled into believing anything because you are fed what you want to hear. Sometimes you just want OUT of the game altogether but there is no place for you to run. Sometimes you spend all your time screaming which makes you too tired to actually do anything about anything. A lot of the time people just don't really give a damn.......one way or another. They will just go through the motions.....especially when something does not affect them personally. Unless someone is going to have to be crossing the border into Canada.....it is unlikely it will personally affect them much to where they give a damn. Sad.......but true.

For us others who want to or plan to in the future......would like to......we will now have more of a pain in the butt process to go through just to accomplish the same thing years ago we could so easily do. But please don't think that just because this was put into motion I had anything personally to do with it......or that I wanted it to be this way......or that I even believe for one freakin minute that this will somehow make me or my son SAFER. It is what it is.......and I think I smell bullshit.

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Buffalo said...

I don't think any of us are being singled out - we're merely one of the recipients of righteous indignation.

At some point each and everyone of us will have to bear the onus of doing nothing to prevent our government from taking such actions. If enough of us band to gether to insist on sanity we might actually receive some.

And I could be wrong.