Tuesday, December 26, 2006

a visit to see grandma C.

Noah and I stopped over to see Grandma C. today. We took her a plate of homemade buckeye candies and some sugar cookies.....and a plate mom had sent home with me from yesterday....and we took her a Christmas present. She was very excited to see us and we had a really nice visit! Noah entertained himself with his camera and new RR crossing signal that he took there.......and all in all we had a very good time. Grandma fed me one of her famous ham sandwiches.......and we had a nice talk while eating. We will have to head back for another visit soon.

Walgreens has 1 GB Sandisk memory cards on sale......I need to get there and get one before they are all gone! I am not sure they would give out a rain check for that. The sale just started today and I was going to stop.....but figured I should come home first and check my camera and owner's manual to make sure what I get is the correct one. Looks like it would work.....I will have to get it tomorrow as I do not want to go back out again tonight and neither does Noah. So tomorrow it will be another trip!

It started to snow last night around 1:00 or so......and my hammered metal snowman kept getting weighted down and blown over out front .........He bobbles...and is big.....so he can do this!

anyway.......sort of moody...I need to start work in about another hour....

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