Monday, May 09, 2005

So.....I transplanted all my plants on the balcony today. Poor things. Should have been done last fall before winter. They were sooo root bound. I think I should have cut some of the roots and loosened them up a bit before putting in bigger pots. Hopefully they will still do okay. I really had to pull a couple of them to get them out of their pots! I have never seen such large roots on house-type plants before.

SO I planted all my bulbs and other flowers...except for one more box and then my green onions. I want to do those.

Otherwise...made a mess but cleaned it all up and everything is planted now. I have to remove the outside lights on the railings outside and put somewhere else..touch up some paint and place hook screws in PERMANENTLY so I can always QUICKLY hang lights or buntings or whatever I might want to without always having to STAPLE things! WHAT A NEW CONCEPT. Not sure why it took me so long to think of this idea. It will make things so much easier and quicker.

I am tired. I need a nap. The way Noah is acting I think he does too. Maybe we will take a short one today.


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