Saturday, May 14, 2005

How many summers will we as women continue to let go by without getting into shorts let alone a pool because of how we look? We keep saying some day....and years can go by without someday ever coming around. When older will we look back with regret then at what we did not do and could have? I don't really miss short-sleeved shirts or shorts. I don't think so anyway. I think getting into the pool in the summer would be nice....but like most women I would not be caught out in public in a swimming suit! So I skip the pool experience year after year.

And then there are those women and men who don't care and do what they want and never think twice. I don't quite understand that breed either. I guess I am the type who would tend to stay covered up more than not if and when I am in public or at home for that matter. Really there are few women who really look good in shorts if you think about it. I guess if I looked good and got that hot I would wear them again..haha.

TOO deep. I am going to bed!

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