Monday, June 06, 2005

Well we looked at a few model homes yesterday. Some are really nice. Can be a bit depressing when you think about all the stuff you would have to do just to be able to get to the point where you would be READY to buy a house. Then finding one in the area you want is sometimes not easy...which means you have to perhaps rethink where you want to live. I like living in the city we live in now and would prefer staying here....but all the new affordable houses are farther out. Not much farther out but farther out still.

So lots of decisions to make and so much to do. Makes me tired thinking about it.

I still have "Catch Me If You Can" to watch this week. AND another movie somewhere. I guess I better make sure it is not due!

I am tired. More perhaps later. I made Noah some chocolate chip cookies and some mini M&M cookies for me and Keith. Not sure if Noah will eat any as he used to but is funny now about the mini M&Ms. Says they taste funny.


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