Saturday, June 11, 2005

Okay.....checked out this website about gourmet popcorn

that was recommended by Oprah. Was going to order some. Put in an order for the 6 pack assorted drizzle stuff, used a 20% off coupon on my order and then got to check out and they want to charge 10.00 for shipping? I stopped in my tracks. For some reason ending up spending like 35.00 on POPCORN sounded wrong to me. SO I have still not ordered any even though I would really like to try some!!!!!!!! :(

I don't really need it anyway. I just feel like that is a PURE LUXURY item for those kinds of prices and I feel guilty and start to think about how much that same amount of money would be better spent sending it to the Bible League or Feed the Children or someplace like those. I sit drooling..haha. No....I am over it. There used to be a place in Ohio at a strip mall that sold popcorn similar to this stuff and I used to get small bags occasionally (NOT FOR THESE PRICES THOUGH) and enjoy it. They probably have something out here too but I have not researched it.

Well it rained for about 2 days straight. Was so nice and cool. Only a high of 48 yesterday! Today it is starting out cool but I think will be in the 70s before it is all over and done with.

I have Princess Diaries 2 to watch this weekend.

I got "The Quantum World-Quantum Physics for Everyone" and "The Glass Castle" at the library yesterday. Well Keith picked them up for me as Noah did not want to go anywhere so I stayed home with him. Oh and let's not forget my video on Qigong for Energy! hahah

Guess that about sums it up. I am trying to think of what I will make for lunch and dinner today. I think spaghetti and meatballs for one meal (our smaller meal) and then maybe something in the crockpot for a larger meal later? BUT WHAT???????????????????? hahah. I guess I better figure it out and also get some work done.

Thought for the day:

You can't always get what you want

or CAN YOU? ;)

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