Friday, June 10, 2005

I watched "What the Bleep Do We Know" yesterday. Really got me to thinking about quantum physics. So much so I reserved some books at the library and made a lot of additions to my wish list. NOW if I can only find some time to read! I guess I need to MAKE the time according to the movie.

Been raining since yesterday. LOVE IT. SO nice to have some showers and rain and to smell the rain in the air and feel the cool breeze.

SUPER DAY and great sleeping weather. I nearly overslept!

Today we will go to the library and not sure what else after that. I know we have some errands to run.

Has anyone but me noticed there is nothing on TV lately? I mean what is the point in having all these channel choices when you still have nothing to really choose?

I made chicken enchiladas for lunch yesterday with tossed salads and cottage cheese for dessert. Yes you got that right...>DESSERT! I never thought I would consider cottage cheese dessert but I do now!

Coffee brewing now. Sounds like someone is getting up...maybe Noah.


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