Friday, April 29, 2005

Well let the flood gates begin! Brother.....menopause is a crazy time to be sure! NO period since August 2004 caused me to be HOPEFUL I was DONE with my periods as I was approaching the ONE year mark. Well.....that is no longer a possibility as it all came back in FULL FORCE yesterday. Unbelievable force. I won't go into details.....

Snowing and cold today. About 23 now. Only to be a high of 34 today. Icy...bad roads. Keith came home last night and said there was a 14 car pile up on the highway I take. I decided to stay home. I am so thankful I have the ability to kind of flex my schedule around and do things like that. Keith said he could run down and pick up my tapes later. PLUS the rate I am going I would have had to take extra underwear, pants and probably EVEN SOCKS on that trip so it was best to stay home.

I have 62 items checked out at the library. I think I own the library! The girl there knows me so well she has my holds ready for me as soon as she sees me coming.

Nothing much else new. I watched the Abrams Report yesterday. Something about him I like and I enjoy watching the show. What's up with Michael Jackson's ex? She seems about as odd as he does.

American Idol....I don't bother voting anymore....have not since Ruben won that year instead of Clay Aiken..not that it hurt him any. But it is all rigged. Someone has started a web site now at for people to go vote for the WORST singer on the show to hopefully have them WIN the contest to SHOW the network up. I could not believe but checked and there was indeed a website and they were recommending everyone vote for Scott. He can sing well but out of the remaining group he is probably the worst. I like Bo Bice....he has a great sexy quality to his voice and can sing about anything and make it sound good. I hope he will win.

HUM..........not much else new. I need to get back to work. Noah is playing trains on the floor. He has a canker sore and says he does not want to talk sometimes so he shuts up and sits quietly. Poor kid...he has been through a lot.

Okay...I need to work.


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