Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Our neighbor man also came home yesterday. Now he has something wrong with him...primary hydrocephalus I believe. He had a VP SHUNT put in his head/brain some time back....but it has not helped him. He gets around like a very very old man ....has to shuffle his feet to walk if he can even do that. If he has to bend over and pick something up he will fall down...etc. He looks like he is drunk, or old or both. He is not that old and while I know he drinks from time to time he is not drunk. I think his shunt needs revised.

Anyway...he has been falling down a lot lately outside here. He will head to his car (YES HE IS STILL DRIVING AND SHOULD NOT BE) and shuffle his feet along....avoiding the steps as he goes along. He heads down the grass instead and wobbles and falls over. I have helped him up many times and so has Keith.

SO last night he comes home. I always watch to make sure he gets out of the car and up the steps okay. YES HE IS LIVING UPSTAIRS OF ALL PLACES. Anyway.....he got out of the car about 15 minutes later....he started walking up here..but apparently dropped something. Had to bend over and pick it up...and he fell over like someone blew too hard his way. No control catching himself. Now our other neighbor man was coming back from walking his son in the stroller (the couple we bought this condo from). They moved across the lot from this place. Anyway...thank goodness he came along and saw Floyd. There he lay in the a slug. Could not move...could not sit up...could not untwist his own legs or move them into a position where he could try to stand up. He would have NO way of getting up on his own. I was just getting ready to go down and see if I COULD help him get up which I doubted...but Damon saw him and asked if he needed help. He said he would need help if he were to ever get up. So Damon told him he would be right back. Meanwhile other neighbors are still doing their thing on their patios and balconies and ignoring Floyd laying this point fully extended with his head back up by the steps of the sidewalk. He was moaning and groaning. It was taking Damon forever to come back and Floyd must have felt totally humiliated laying out there like that waiting. Thank goodness it was not raining. Damon finally came back over by the time I had my shoes on and was heading down the stairs. I went back up inside.

It took Damon SEVERAL TRIES pulling Floyd up before he finally got him up. Then he had to carry all his stuff up for him AND help him make it up the steps. Floyd was all shaking and wobbling along. I have come right out and told him I did not think he should be driving anymore or probably living upstairs. I hope he will think about his and other's safety soon. This would have to be hard to face but it is dangerous now. A policeman came the other day and talked to him after he pulled into the lot and was upstairs. I saw the policeman get out and check out Floyd's car. He has damage to the front end and has had damage to the front end forever so we assume he was being checked out for a hit and run or someone must have seen him hit something with his car which he PROBABLY DID. He must have denied it as the policeman was not there long and Floyd shut his door and went back inside. So who knows. He almost hits our cars in the lot when he comes and goes as he cannot steer with his one hand or move his arm well. I wonder HOW he puts his feet on the brakes! Talk about dangerous.

And did you hear about the exploding frogs in Berlin? Over 1000 toads in some local pond there have blown up so much their stomachs explode! Like from some sick science fiction movie! It said they do not know what is causing it. ALL things checked so far have not proven to be causes. But they swell up more and more and then they explode. Can you imagine?


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