Monday, April 25, 2005

Hey there. I watched that second Bridget Jones movie and loved it. I TRIED watching the Incredibles and for some weird reason it really got on my nerves and seemed SOOO SLOW and I just did not have the patience to pursue it. Keith enjoyed it I guess but I was SO happy I did not go see it at the theater and waste the money on it as I was really disappointed in it.

Otherwise...been finally getting some much needed rain off and on. SO nice to have some showers as we don't normally get many. Today it has been in the 40s and 50s and now the sun is out again. I hope we get more rain tonight. I really enjoy it like I said. I turning into my dad or is this all menopausal or am I just getting older and crankier or all three or WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

I was enjoying having the windows open a crack today while I did some laundry and stuff around the house...when I started hearing something...sounded like a mini motor in a motorcross race. We have a kid next door who HAS to be in his mid 20s or older who still lives with his mom and apparently does that. We see him all the time coming and going with motorcross CRAP. Anyway.....he apparently has hurt himself and is in a neck brace so for lack of better things to do...he was out in the PARKING LOT running this little motorized car back and forth and back and forth and BACK AND FORTH over and over and over again till it really got on my nerves. I slammed our patio door shut. It continued. I figured he was just going to have enough sense to test it and then move down the street to the park or tennis courts or somewhere PUBLIC to make NOISE. This is a convenant controlled place. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No chance of that. No chance of him hearing me YELLING out my window at the top of my lungs either as the thing made too much noise! The sounds kept grating on my nerves more and more. I swear I was about to go down in my truck and back it up and try to RUN OVER THE THING!

I could only PRAY FOR IT TO CRASH...which it finally did! ALL was quiet in the world again. Amazing how GOOD silence sounds! I yelled out my window to "STOP IT!!" "NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT!!" which I am sure was true. After giggling, standing, talking and giggling some more with the other neighbor man (who also seems weird)...they finally went in and it has been quiet since. My door is back open...but the stress is unreal!!

SO...I guess I will have to live in a remote area or something to totally escape knuckleheads like that from interfering with my peace and quite from time to time. If it is not one neighbor it seems like it is someone else. We are finally getting some problem people out of here soon as they are moving! YAHOOO. BUT then this man starts up. He is NOT a kid...he is late 20s or early 30s. Should know better but like most around here they could care less HOW things affect you.

AND yesterday at church. I took Noah with me to the Women's restroom as he had to go. Keith was busy. Anyway...a cranky old woman (could this have been a vision of me???) came in and asked "is that a boy?". I said "yes". (I KNEW what was coming next). She then asked "can't he use the Men's restroom?" I said "well first of all he is autistic and he is WITH ME. Since I cannot go into the MEN's RESTROOM he came in with me as I would NEVER let him go into a Men's restroom even in a church by himself!". She stood there dumbfounded or waiting for the information to PROCESS....and she finally said "Oh...well I guess I could understand that...things aren't the way they used to be are they?". I said "NO" and Noah finished and we walked out. I had heard about things like this happening to mothers before but it has never happened to me. Kind of rubbed me the wrong way and ticked me off too.

I had to LET IT GO though..and finally did about 8 hours later!! haha.

Oh many trials and tests and all pushing me to my limit and I am already pretty much at my limit.

Noah just bounced around too much on the sofa and spilled my hot coffee all over my computer table and almost on the keyboard. Well...guess it IS on the keyboard.


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