Friday, July 16, 2004

Kind of feel like crap today. I ache all over.....can barely walk around...been to the  bathroom more times than I can count....and my stomach is not feeling the best. I have had a pain in my left chest/breast area for like 2-3 days now...felt like a sharp gas pain but it only feels better if I lay down. I think I popped a cartilage out of place the other night transplanting plants bent over without a BRA ON. NOW you KNOW your breasts must be pretty HEAVY to do that just by bending over without a bra. I have done this before...but it is uncomfortable and reminds me of when I had broken ribs. So it hurts to take a deep breath or move around a lot. Not helpful when I already feel crappy.
It is cooler today which is nice. MUGGY for us in Colorado it has been raining. I mean right now it is only 62 degrees....FAR COOLER than 101 and 99 degrees like it had been. I was going to finish laundry today. I guess I still could but I really feel too crappy for that. I try to get that done before the weekend so my weekend is free. But shoot...I end up not getting other things done on the weekend I should what huge difference does it make? haha
I announced to Keith this morning after making a nice big breakfast that I was not going to be making lunch...he could MAKE something or go buy something. of course he did what I figured he would> NOTHING! Noah got a bowl of Cheerios I guess as I was asleep. Keith I guess snacked. I got nothing and Keith left without having anything for us down the road. Noah had originally asked for pizza...Keith convinced him to go for a bowl of Cheerios...which means NOW Noah wants the pizza again and I WILL be the one PAYING for it instead of usual. He could have bought the pizza this morning for lunch and then Noah could have warmed some up for supper tonight. I guess Keith assumed I wanted nothing as I was not feeling great. But he could have asked or gotten some gingerale for me or something. I am not vomiting thank goodness...but.....Noah does not even have enough Sprite. It is funny how little Keith does if he is having to WATCH Noah if I am asleep or not feeling well. I HOPE he understands then how my days normally I am here watching Noah by myself while he is at work during the day. I think he tends to think I lay around and do nothing or watch tv or whatever when he is at work. TODAY I don't even care what he might think I feel so crappy. I think I will call him and tell him HE can fork out the check for the pizza for Noah tonight for supper. I will put his information on it and all that....they don't care as long as someone pays for it.
Anyway...called grandma yesterday. SHe was to have hand surgery performed today. Hope and pray that went well for her. Today is grandpa's birthday. He would have been 85 I think.
Well.....I am getting off here. Feel too crappy to write much. I have received notice about being nominated for the Who's Who in Poetry. I need to send them a poem ASAP I guess.

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