Thursday, July 22, 2004 they are calling for severe storms and possibly 2-3 inches of rain PER HOUR! WOW...they are already posting flash flood watches all over the place. The skies are turning cloudy and gray as I sit here and type. SO look out this afternoon is all I can say! The birds have come back to get some bread I put out on the balcony this morning. I love to hear them out there chirping and singing.
I still have not been feeling the best. I get crampy pretty much every time I eat anything...and then soon I have to head to the bathroom. Real exciting...makes for aches....tired/dizzy....etc. Oh well...also had bad headaches. Maybe it is a bug.
Our neighbor man Floyd had to have a shunt put in the other day....the neurosurgeon thinks he had water on the brain that was causing his neurological problems for the past 18 months or so. We always wondered what was wrong...he seemed as if he had a stroke or CP or something. Well...he asked if we could feed his cats while he was in the hospital. I said no problem.  I went over and since we live right across the entry way from him Noah and I would run over a couple times during the day to say hello to the cats and make sure all was well. Noah enjoyed doing all this. One morning the cats got into a cupboard looking for the good dry cat food before we made it over there to feed them and they knocked tortilla chips and all kinds of things on Floyd's floor we had to clean up. So...that got me on a cleaning spree. Floyd's place was a little messy to say the least and probably because he cannot really do too much as one side of his body is nearly paralyzed. So...I cleaned the kitchen up and had Keith take the trash out. I mopped his floors in the kitchen and bath...and scrubbed his sinks. The second bathroom was apparently the CAT's bathroom and it showed. Litter box in the tub but also litter IN the tub with pee and poop all over the sides of the tub and floor...what a mess. SO I cleaned it all up and changed the litter box. Hope he did not get offended by me cleaning all that up.
So..he got home last night..said the surgery went well. I took him over some homemade chicken herb stew and homemade french bread...and homemade chocolate cream pie for dessert. He was thankful. He told us to hang onto his keys if we did not mind. I normally don't like doing that but since we will NOT be going over there unless there is an emergency or he asks...I guess they can hang inside here on our hook. They had to shave half his hair off his I think he will eventually have to get out and have the other half shaved off pretty close to his head too. I am exhausted. I guess from doing all those other things nonstop yesterday and working. Only 2 tapes to pick up Tuesday night so I skipped running down there last night. I will plan on getting there tonight to hopefully pick up anything else that has been turned in...transfer a couple things over maybe and print some things off and come back home to work.
Been some Christmas in July movies and things on tv. Keith, Noah and I always enjoy that. Course I already listen to Christmas music year round. BUT....HSN had their Christmas in July I think Monday ...I watched all that. Then QVC has theirs this Sat./Sun. Keith wants to watch that so bad he even wants to switch days to church to Saturday so he can be home Sunday to see it all day long. They have also had a couple of Christmas movies on tv that have been good.
Well...I made 4 cheese raviolis for lunch today and some more bread. Noah had garlic bread with his. We skipped the pie as we wondered if the richness of that set me off again and Keith too. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.
I am going to go lay down. Noah is playing on the other PC. I have to go to the bathroom AGAIN.....more later

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