Saturday, July 03, 2004 is my 7th anniversary. Keith asked me if it felt like I had been out here 7 years and it feels like I have been out here at least 5 years I guess now. Noah is doing great potty training....has it all down now. THANK THE LORD for that!!

Looks like a nice day today. Only in the 60s so far. I have sausage roll slices in the oven baking for breakfast. I already made Noah some toast with butter and apple juice for his breakfast. Keith is still sleeping. He had a long work day yesterday so he is probably tired.

I guess we might try to go see some fireworks this year somewhere. The last time we went was when Noah was like a year or I think.....around then. He wants to go and I kind of do also but NOT IN BIG crowded areas. We will go somewhere like to a parking lot at a park or something and park and watch them from a distance. Keith had originally thought about going to the Westin and getting a room to spend the night after seeing the local fireworks which are right beside the Westin. BUT I felt that was kind of a waste of money being right here in the same town and just down the street from us. Shoot...we never thought...we might be able to see the fireworks from home this year!!

Anyway...been nice weather wise. We have actually gotten a lot of rain this year even though we are still considered to be in a drought. Thankful for that. Been much cooler and nicer this summer so far too.

Well..I cleaned up and fed and watered the squirrels and birds outside. They finally got our parking lot resurfaced and new lines put on yesterday and finished! WHOO more parking miles away from your home!!

I guess I better get off here and get some things done. We may check out some paint this weekend at Lowes and start painting the inside of the house!


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