Monday, April 05, 2004

Well...more stress and chaos. Seems all we have been doing is eating out lately. That has been nice. Had a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse...and then Sunday dinner at Bennett's BBQ....super good...and today salad at Arby's (new) also good! Church was great yesterday. We stopped and looked at open houses yesterday of new homes...these were paired courtyard about NICE. WOW. I have never lived quite like that before but it would be nice. We could probably swing the payments but I don't think I want to be that crunched. So......perhaps the time is not quite right yet. Houses were so nice. 3 bedrooms and more....about 2-3 baths....2 car garage....yard.....(fenced).....all brand new stuff....just super nice and 2 floors..only ONE house on the other side....and you cannot hear anything as they put special sound proof walls in between. What we have I am thankful for and love..but MORE SPACE would be nice..and a garage! So time will tell.

Noah had a great time at church. He is such as sweetie. Stress related school issues are another story. LAST week the week before his Kindergarten transition meeting we heard as I said before for the FIRST time about them recommending Noah get into this special program SIED. Well..I have talked to many teachers and people since and have also done some research and have found out they have NOT handled even trying to have Noah meet the qualifications the correct way. SO MUCH CRAP...I am about ready to say FORGET it to everyone. SO today they tell us they are cancelling the meeting for suprise there. Have to get the administrator out there for the meeting too....probably to try to still convince us of this program we have already told the staff at Noah's preschool we will NOT be considering for him. MORE waste of time. PHONE CALLS...meetings..the list goes on and on and he is only FIVE YEARS OLD. I can only IMAGINE what is in store for us all down the road!!!

AND update on the Jacob story. It was NOT because of a jealous boyfriend as noted before. It was 2 guys they think one knew Jacob...anyway...the story is not out yet...but these 2 went to Jacob's house at 2:00 a.m. When he answered they asked if he was Jacob..when he said yes the one shot him. A friend of his was with him playing PlayStation type games and came out..found he had been shot and called 911. All we know is once the information comes out as to WHY this was one will believe the story is what we have been told. Not sure what that means. So....his funeral is Tuesday.

Keith's dad is all set up for his hip replacement surgery. I have tons to do here before our so-called vacation. hahaha. I did get completely caught up at work...only to return I am sure to an overload again. BUT I can do the same thing and some overtime and get PAID for it and get caught back up again I guess.

We actually had a super NICE thunderstorm with lightening and thunder the other night. about wonderful. COuld use some more rain and we may get some later today.

Went to the new library opening today. WOW....SUPER SUPER NICE modern library/bookstore type place. NEW DVDs now...I mean it is like you are in a video rental. NEW books...they took Noah's picture playing at a donate Thomas the Tank Engine table in the kid's section. I got several movies to watch all before we hopefully we will have time.

Well..I need to finish some things.

Later....(taking deep breaths as the stress continues to build). I do hope and pray our trip is going to go smoothly and nice and we all have a good visit.

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