Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Brother what a week so far! Today of course I am trying to develop a MIGRAINE! NO SURPRISE here I guess. Keith's oldest son Dale had a friend here in Colorado (Jacob) who got shot Sunday morning. Some girl he knew had gone to his apartment (Jacob's) and basically cried on his shoulder about her boyfriend I guess. Her boyfriend must be psycho as he then got mad and jealous and proceeded to go to Jacob's about 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. When Jacob answered the door he took a shotgun and shot him point blank. This blew off his chin...blew out his trachea...and took a lot of his lower face off. He did NOT fall down but remained standing when a friend of his inside the apartment came out and saw him standing there. I guess they know who the shooter is. Anyway...his friend called 911 and they took him to the hospital. He was alive.. but progressively worsened...then had a massive stroke. He was officially declared dead this morning at 8:30 a.m. Dale was in Indiana at college (Keith's son)but drove all night with his fiance to get out here to see Jacob before he passed away. After his stroke he was out of it and did not respond anymore. So..I guess his parents are going to donate his organs. Not sure the details of everything. So that happened.

Then we had a PRE meeting with the preschool staff before Noah's KINDERGARTEN transition meeting next week. They tried to tell us they had someone come out and observe Noah and they had a recommendation to place him in another school than the one we registered him order to receive this special help crap. GET THIS..another TITLE. They call it SIED (significant identifiable emotional disability). BROTHER. I have since done some research online about it and cannot see where Noah meets any of the criteria OTHER than his speech problems (which he has improved on and would receive MORE speech therapy at the school we already have him registered at) his behavioral issues he was dealing with have pretty much resolved at school. This woman who came out to "observe" Noah did it like TWO MONTHS ago before he made all these improvements..etc. SO..I really DOUBT the reliability of anything she saw and I question her recommendations..especially AFTER reading more about SIED. I swear..they try to find a label to stick on ANYONE these days. You could pick your nose different and they would probably call that something! ANyway.....I am not too happy about their recommendations...but am TRYING to keep an open mind as I do want to do what is best for Noah in the long run of things! However...the more I read about SIED ...etc...I SWEAR it is SO NOT him and not connected to him or his past problems. He needs some more SPEECH they felt him not being able to express himself was perhaps the reason he used to act out sometimes at school. WELL DUH..then why place him in a small setting where he would be around kids that have SEVERE problems and acting out? He needs to continue being included in the regular classroom where he can both observe and participate in appropriate behaviors...and learning...etc. PLUS He has NO problems with learning...and to have SIED you are supposed to have a problem with learning. So I am a bit upset about this meeting..and can only imagine how the one next week will go. It ultimately is up to me and Keith where we send Noah to kindergarten and I am still thinking to stick with the school we already picked out for him. I have MANY MANY questions to ask..and the fact that there is criteria to meet with students to have a so-called SIED ...etc...and I question if they have done their research appropriately. Anyway..I could go on and on.

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