Monday, March 15, 2004

What a day!! My head is spinning! Started out super early. Worked and then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast....then bought a few things for Christmas gifts and Easter. Then we took off to see where Keith's ex's new house is. Then to pay the car payment..then to Car Toys. I KNEW it would be a good day to head over there..and of course there was NO ONE in there getting anything done to their cars. We found a nice CD player from Pioneer.....they had to order the adaptor though so we did not have it put in today. HOPEFULLY tomorrow. So we left there..ran to Mervyns. Then to Pizza Hut for lunch (YES...a DOUBLE eating out day). Then to Albertson's Grocery store to pick up a few things..then home sweet home! Meanwhile however......I got a little stressed. We decided to stop at Radio Shack too..forgot check on that turntable I got Keith. The needle has NEVER been right or worked in we stopped in the first RS...that guy was NO HELP....We came home. Keith ran to the mall..they were more helpful and said they could switch his out for another new one..but they had none in stock. So....he come to our local RS....there was a new guy there that was more helpful...but Keith came home with a DISPLAY model as a replacement and NOT a brand new one. I WAS MAD...sent him BACK to get the old one back....(which had NEVER BEEN USED yet as the needle was not right)...and had him call the other RS at the MALL and told them to go ahead and order the NEW one to replace his. I got him that turntable at Christmas and I finally unpacked it about 3 weeks ago. GOOD thing I did. RS has a warranty on it for 3 months (90 days)...which would be up like on March 24th!! So anyway...we will get a new one..HOPEFULLY on Wed. WE will make sure this time all is well BEFORE leaving the store..etc. THEN home sweet home with that and should be able to listen to the records and albums again and ENJOY!!!

Meanwhile....Keith's dad had called..said his sister was in from England with her daughter. We have never met them yet (me or Noah). Anyway...she is still kind of on the outs with Keith..but his dad decided to have everyone who wants to get together tomorrow for lunch at Panera (bread place where you can get FABULOUS breads and sandwiches and soups and pastries..etc). We will have to take something in for Noah to eat..nothing there he would be interested in. BUT....we should go WITH Keith and support him. The way his family is I am kind of just like "well...why even bother to give them the time of day...etc..." but that is not very Christian we should and will probably all go along..and meet them..have lunch. Then off to get my CD player in..and back home again home again!! RUN RUN wonder I am exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around.

So...I got all worked up...and probably ate like 15 mini Nestle Crunch bars.....but miraculously I am finally feeling more calmed down. Especially since Keith called RS back and they said they would order a replacement turntable for him. SO..SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now I am perking a fresh pot of coffee...just what I need. I KNOW..CAFFEINE! We are really trying hard to NOT argue in front of Noah..or things like that. It is so upsetting to a kid to go through that and live like that. I am much better about raising my voice to Keith...and he is trying to not TICK me off...etc.....but it is a work in progress I guess..hahaha. I know what it is like to have a parent or parents argue or yell...etc...and I DO NOT want to have Noah live like that. So...we have never really argued around him but a couple of times..but when that has he yells and tells us to stop it...or cries..and I know it is NOT good. He if finally at that age where we HAVE to be more careful about what we say and do to protect him etc. He is very good for us...and makes us be better people!!! We were driving home from the park the other day...and Keith forgot to put Noah's sealtbelt on. He started to cry as he said " seatbelt is not on" and I told Keith to pull over NOW...and he would not...said he could not...would in a minute..I really got ticked and started to raise my voice...which only upset Noah even more...he ended up leaning forward and BITING THE CAR SEAT which I have NEVER seen him react like that before. His face was all red and he was shaking he was so worked up. We calmed him down...stopped and buckled him up...and again I reminded myself and Keith how we have to be more careful about things in the future. Any arguing will have to be done in the CLOSET or somewhere AWAY from Noah. So it is actually a GOOD thing for ALL of us.

Meanwhile....I am trying to take deep breaths..slow down and actually ENJOY the day and breathe for a change! I am trying to get Keith to do the same thing!

Well..enough ranting......I am going to have a cup of coffee......Caramel is very good.


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