Monday, March 15, 2004

We went to a new church yesterday. Was not bad. Noah was soo excited about heading back to church and so was I. He was clapping his hands and singing and dancing at church...raising his hands..shouting out Amens and Hallelujahs when the pastor asked for them.....he was something else. I did find it odd that we knew ONLY ONE song during the praise and worship that they sang. Keith said it was that way the week before too. I cannot believe I had never heard these songs before....must be like SUPER NEW? Not sure.....They did not dim the lights either during praise and worship and most places I have been do that. MOST.....they had like 20-30 min. of announcements which drives me INSANE! AND some women were twirling/dancing around during praise and worship and then one spoke in tongues and a man provided interpretation. I began to think I was in some holy roller church and was a tiny bit uncomfortable. A lot seemed almost put on to me. The pastor finally spoke but only referenced the Bible maybe twice the entire sermon. THAT REALLY bothered me. So...we may occasionally go there but will probably try a few other churches in the coming weeks...till we find one we like and feel more suited for...although I won't rule this one out completely.

Went to OUTBACK for dinner after church. TALK ABOUT GOOD!! We have NEVER had anything bad from there ever. I got shrimp...Noah chicken fingers..and Keith the pork chops. MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!!!

Worked on the house a lot this weekend but more to do. I have so much to go through and organize. Also trying to get caught up more for work..soI decided to NOT attend the staff meeting today but go in May, June and July. Keith is off today and Noah is out all week so I wanted to do some things with them too.

I think Keith is going to have the CD player put in my truck today. Not sure what we might do after that. It sure is windy outside..I hung a cool windsock out there and have really ENJOYED seeing it blow around. I MUST keep one out there all the time! I found some at the dollar store....A DOLLAR!! LONG ones 5 FEET long!

Well..I seriously need to get back to work. More later...


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